Welcome to the Painted Desert Sheep Society and Trophy Hair Sheep of America registries.


The Painted Desert Sheep Society registry was founded in 1997 by Anita Hollon-Garza after visiting a friend that had a big trophy ram mounted.

Anita fell in love with the big flashy horned mount and decided to start a registry after obtaining her first two ewes as breeders for her flock at El Cascabel Farm. In 1997, she published ads in magazines such as Rare Breeds Journal, Wing & Hooves, and other farm magazines to connect with other interested parties and to promote these unknown sheep. Judy Jenkins of Star 23 Farm (JJ's Deserts) saw the articles that Anita had written about "the spotted horned sheep" and reached out to Anita. Judy became one of the first members of the registry.

This new breed in the exotic circle was referred to as "Parti-Dalls" because of the prevalence of Dall influence in their pedigree. Mr. Raz referred to them as Painted Deserts at a popular exotic sales in Texas called Raz and Kifaru. Anita heard the name and felt that Painted Desert fit the beautiful, flashy, horned sheep so she coined the name to represent the breed and the registry.

Anita Garza has dedicated her life to promoting, breeding, helping and establishing the Painted Desert Sheep breed and its official registry.

Anita Garza and Judy Jenkins are the cornerstone of the registry and have built a lasting legacy for generations of Painted Desert Sheep enthusiasts.