What recognition awards are there in the PDSS and THSOA registry?

The registries currently have two recognition awards, Gold Star Ram and Recognition of Merit.

Why are these awards important?

The purpose of these awards is to encourage breeders to create programs that use the best horn genetics possible. The registration papers of any offspring will reflect the awarded titled by these superior producers which allow breeders to identify superior genetics to enhance the breed as a whole.

What is a certified Gold Star Ram (GSR)?

The Painted Desert Sheep Society created the GSR award in 2007. This recognition is for rams that score above 94 inches on their horn measurements and is based off the Records of Exotics scoring (ROE), which is the widely used record book for different types of trophy sheep.

What is a Recognition of Merit (ROM)?

The Painted Desert Sheep Society created this award in 2020 to recognize a dam’s ability to produce two or more offspring that achieve the title of certified Gold Star Ram within the registry.

How do I know if my ewe is eligible for the Recognition of Merit (ROM) award?

The purpose of the registry is to keep accurate detailed records. Once an ewe has been recognized in the registry stud book as being eligible, the last known owner will be notified as well as the breeder of the ewe if it differs from owner. The owner will have the opportunity to apply for the ROM award. Once the owner has applied for the award, the breeder is also eligible to request a copy of the awarded certificate for their records.

How many ROM and GSR are currently in the registry?

As of October 14, 2021, the registry has 105 certified Gold Star Rams (GSR) and 7 Recognition of Merit (ROM) on record. The GSR and ROM are recognized on the registry website which is updated routinely.